Behind the Scenes of the Bowdoin Orchestra

When some members of Bowdoin’s orchestra took a weekend retreat to the Coastal Studies Center, James Jelin ’16 followed with his video camera.


  1. Dale Tomlinson '70 says:

    Shostakovich’s Finale to Symphony No. 5 (if I recall); sounds very good! (Our community band did this last spring.) It’s long overdue, but Bowdoin finally has a full music department. In the 60s, it was only choral; as a former high school woodwind player, about all I did was grab my sax for hockey games with our impromptu “band” or join in with a band at a house party. I was busy with all that Bowdoin offered then, but would have loved to play clarinet in a wind ensemble or orchestra.
    Keep up the good work (and I hope you can find a string bass or two and some percussion (so the director can be freed stomping his feet)!

  2. Milton Kidd says:

    Actually the finale to the Tchaikowsky 4th Symph.
    Milton Kidd

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