At Bowdoin, Sen. Angus King Explains His Decision to Back Clinton


Sen. Angus King at Bowdoin last week

Casually dressed and perched atop a table in Hubbard Hall, Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) explained to a group of students how he came to his decision to back Hillary Clinton for president.

King said that one experience influenced his thinking the most, and he described it in detail. Last winter, he was invited as a member of a congressional subcommittee focused on nuclear weapons to ride on a jet nicknamed the “Doomsday plane.” The official name for the jet is the National Airborne Operations Center, and its mission is to be the communications link between the president and the armed forces, particularly during a nuclear attack. Read more about Sen. King’s talk.

King’s visit to Bowdoin followed two other recent political talks on campus: the first with Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), and the other with conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza. Earlier in the semester, noted activist Noam Chomsky gave a political talk. In addition, students have held a number of election-related events here to help inform their peers about statewide ballot issues and candidates’ platforms. King was accompanied by Brownie Carson ’69, who is the Democratic candidate for Maine Senate District 24, which includes Brunswick.


  1. Eric Weis '73 says:

    Brownie Carson is still alive and running for office? Wow, you cannot keep a good veteran down. GO BROWNIE. I remember the day at Colby College in 1970 when he stood before a crowd of students and told Margaret Chase Smith about America’s activities in Cambodia.

    As for Angus King’s nuclear awakening, after Bowdoin I spent 40 years in the nuclear industry. We all need to see the light on this issue. Nuclear warheads remain the only true WMDs on this planet. Loose lips (talk of nuclear proliferation made by Donald Trump) would not only sink ships, they could sink civilization.

    These weapons must be eradicated, and that means a strong and resolute approach to nuclear non-proliferation. It is one reason why I have supported Secretary Clinton from the get go.

    I hope that good sense prevails in Maine on November 8th.

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