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Bowdoin’s Wolfenzon Niego Recalls Living in Castro’s Cuba

 [I]n Fidel Castro’s Cuba, the only dream was to escape.

Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures Carolyn Wolfenzon Niego recalls time spent in Cuba during the reign of Fidel Castro. The Communist dictator died recently after nearly sixty years in power.

Read about Wolfenzon Niego’s experience.

Republicans Have Received A ‘Seat Bonus’ in Congress—Again (Brookings)

democrat-republican-face-stereotype-politicalThrough preliminary data, The Brookings Institute analyzes congressional votes and secured seats from the 2016 presidential election. Though Republicans received 49.9% of nationwide votes, they acquired 52.2% of seats.

In each of the past four congressional elections, Republicans have received “seat bonuses,” obtaining a larger portion of seats than votes. Read more.