Two Government Professors Discuss the Unprecedented 2016 Election


After the panel, students watched the debate in Helmreich House

Before packing into the Helmreich House common room to watch last night’s final presidential debate, students attended a pre-debate panel on the state of the election. The event was sponsored by the McKeen Center for the Common Good, Helmreich House, and the Bowdoin Political Union.

The panel featured two professors in the government and legal studies department: Associate Professor Jeffrey Selinger and Assistant Professor Maron Sorenson. It was moderated by Liam Gunn ’17, the McKeen Center’s election engagement fellow.

Gunn started the panel by asking what makes this election different from previous ones. Selinger jumped right in: “This is the most important election that I will ever vote in in my life.” Read more from James Jelin ’16 about the pre-debate event. 


  1. Eric Weis '73 says:

    I will NEVER forget my political science course given by Professor John Donovan. It was called parties and interest groups, with the acronym PIGS. Never in my life has this acronym been more relevant to one party. I remain a staunch independent, but I know a sexist hate-mongering pig when I see or hear one. Let’s hope that on November 9th, this nation can start a healing process and return to some sense of civility. With folks like Paul Lepage and Chris Christie still running around, I have to admit some cynicism that this will happen.

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