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A Short Primer on Lawmaking: Unorthodox Means and the Power of the Purse

Founding Principles Chapter 11: Lawmaking from Bowdoin College on Vimeo.

Remember the Schoolhouse Rock video, “I’m Just a Bill,” with its talking (and singing) piece of legislation?

Though Andrew Rudalevige does not sing in the Founding Principles series, he does threaten to don safety goggles for a stop in “the lawmaking factory” as he imparts a basic understanding of how a bill becomes law, with forays into party polarization, filibusters, and what he describes as “the power of the purse.”

Visiting Artist, Filmmaker Lyès Salem Inspired by French-Algerian Roots


Lyes Salem. Photo: Savannah Simmons-Grover

Algerian-born filmmaker and visiting artist in Francophone studies, Lyès Salem, is teaching a seminar class on creative writing and filmmaking in which he will help students produce one or two short movies, in French.

Salem’s latest movie, L’Oranais, kicks off Bowdoin’s Francophone Film Festival this coming Friday, November 4, 2016. The film takes a critical look at Algeria in the years following independence from France in 1962. Read more about Lyès Salem.