Yanna Muriel ’05 Part of Puerto Rico Farm Revitalization (NYT)


Yanna Muriel ’05

This summer, the New York Times assigned a reporter to describe life on the ground in Puerto Rico, which is grappling with a debt crisis. Included in this country portrait is a profile of Yanna Muriel ’05, who works on her family’s 30-acre organic farm, where she grows citrus and guava trees, vegetables, and flowers.

Muriel, like some other young Puerto Ricans scattered about the country, is trying to reverse an odd agricultural trend for a tropical island. Currently, Puerto Rico imports 82 percent of it food, including rice, beans, and coffee. Its supermarkets sell oranges from California, bananas from the D.R., and avocados from Mexico.

Read more about Muriel, and Puerto Rico, at the New York Times.

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