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Video: And They’re Off! Students Start Semester of Rigor with Vigor

The campus was busy Wednesday morning with students rushing across the Quad to attend their first class meetings. We caught up with a few of them to ask how their first classes went.

Read a bit more information about the classes mentioned in the video.

Decision 2016: Why Voters Don’t Split Tickets Anymore (The Atlantic)


For decades, the number of voters who split their tickets—supporting one party for president and the other in congressional races—has been on the decline.

Followers of Maine politics know that despite keeping Republicans Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe in office for years, Vacationland voters haven’t supported a Republican presidential candidate since George H. W. Bush in 1988.

But as The Atlantic reports, Republican senators in the race this year who are hoping for support from constituents not backing Donald Trump may face some disappointing news.

Bowdoin Junior Hopes to Help Federal Government with Flood Mapping Project

gorman BDS

Angus Gorman ’18

True to his liberal arts background, junior Angus Gorman covers a lot of bases with his academic pursuits. He’s a computer science and classics major, but over the summer he’s been immersed—if that’s the right word—in the challenges of putting together a reliable coastal flood map. As a Rusack Coastal Studies Fellow,

Gorman said he has not been directly involved in the creation of maps themselves, “but in creating free, open-source software that makes maps.” It’s an important and timely subject, said Gorman, affecting a lot of ordinary people, including many here in Maine. In the wake of rising sea levels and climate change, federal agencies are currently in the process of remapping much of America’s coastline to recalculate flood insurance rates. Read more.

Uma Blanchard ’17 Makes Waves for Kayaking around Great Lake (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

uma blanchardUma Blanchard ’17 is part of the first all-female team—and possibly the youngest—to kayak completely around Lake Superior, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. With a friend, Blanchard set out May 25 to kayak the 1,200-mile lake circumference in 90 days. She and Sophie Goeks finished Aug. 18—in 86 days.

“For me it was like, this is my last summer before I graduate college and this is something we’ve been wanting to do this since we were probably 15 years old,” Blanchard told reporters. Read more about Uma Blanchard’s trip on her blog, “Superior Women Expedition.”