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Symphony Space To Celebrate Schwartz’s 80th

jm_ElliottSchwartz256On September 21, 2016, Symphony Space in New York City will host a concert of music composed by Elliott Schwartz, Robert K. Beckwith Professor of Music Emeritus, celebrating his eightieth birth year.

Seven of Schwartz’s compositions will be performed, including “Remembering David” (a chamber quartet in memory of David Gamper ’67, incorporating fragments of electronic music Gamper composed as a Bowdoin undergraduate); “The Seven Seasons” for piano solo, performed by George Lopez; and the multimedia work “Darwin’s Dream,” which combines electronic sounds, live violin performance, and images of visual art created Schwartz’s late wife Dorothy Schwartz H’04.

Symphony Space is located at 95th and Broadway and the show, which is free and open to the public, will take place at 7:30 pm.

‘Sun’s Out, Buns Out’: The Origins of the Weber Grill (Smithsonian)


Labor Day, in addition to honoring the American labor movement and the contributions workers have made to its strength, means grilling, so on this day we also remember metalworker George Stephen Sr., who didn’t know that when he put two halves of a buoy together he was creating a summertime staple.

Nick Mansfield ’17 Aimed for the Sky during His Semester Away

nickmansfieldSenior Nick Mansfield acknowledges that he diverted from the path taken by most college juniors when they study away. “Bowdoin juniors typically go abroad second semester, but I was looking for something different,” he says. Instead of living overseas, Mansfield, a self-described “aviation geek,” interned at Southwest Airlines in Dallas, Texas, last spring.

As an intern with Southwest’s market strategy pricing team, Mansfield said he spent months digging into what drives the performance of the airline’s markets. “It’s been eye opening seeing how competitive the airline industry really is, as well as the amount of work it takes to ensure 3,900 daily departures are orchestrated without a hitch,” he writes in an essay featured on Southwest’s site.

Read more of Mansfield’s reflections.

Humpback Whales the Protectors of the Seas? (National Geographic)

Right whale530

A whale—in this case, a right whale

Humpback whales have been observed seemingly helping other species—including gray whales, seals, and porpoises—from predatory orca whales. Scientists are puzzled by the behavior. One possibility is that humpback whales, which are also vulnerable to killer whales, just charge in when they realize orcas are hunting, even before they know whether it is their own calf or some other creature that is being attacked.

Or, some scientists propose, the whales are capable of altruism. Read more about humpback whale’s behavior.