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Prof. Doris Santoro, Shana Natelson ’10 Address US ‘Rape Culture’ (Maine Public Broadcasting Network)

Doris Santoro

On a recent Maine Calling public radio show, Associate Professor of Education Doris Santoro and Shana Natelson ’10 joined a discussion about sexual assault and a “rape culture” in the US. Natelson is the executive director of Speak About It, a Portland nonprofit that offers educational performances for college students about consent and healthy relationships.

The speakers on the program talk about what can be done to decrease sexual assault (one in five women in the U.S. is sexually assaulted in her lifetime) and how other cultures deal with issues of consent, assault, and sexuality. Listen to the show, ‘Addressing Sexual Assault and Rape Culture.’

Bowdoin’s Northern Bites in Germany for RoboCup 2016


This year’s Robot Soccer World Cup, otherwise known as RoboCup 2016, is underway in Leipzig, Germany, where Bowdoin’s team—the Northern Bites—won its first game, 1-0, against Ireland’s RoboEireann.

The Northern Bites then became the first team in RoboCup history to play a game less than an hour after finishing another match-up.

“This is really undesirable because robots are still hot and batteries don’t have time to charge,” wrote Professor of Computer Science Eric Chown, the team’s faculty advisor, who added that that game, against the Camellia Dragons of Japan, ended in a tie, and that the team is in great shape in their pool.

Follow the team’s progress on the Northern Bites Blog.