Three Cross-Functional Skills Desired by Employers (U.S. News)

A recent study by Bentley University and analytics firm Burning Glass found that employers are increasingly looking for cross-functional skills that are both qualitative and quantitative in nature. No longer practices relegated to a single department or position, employers say that sales and relationship-building skills, data analysis, and decision-making skills are important regardless of the stage in your professional career. Read the article here.


  1. Peter H.Dragonas,'59, M. D. says:

    To satisfy the ambitions of employers for the “perfect” multi-talented applicant makes the Liberal Arts Major more favorable. The addition of one semester courses in:
    1. Applied Economics, Finance and Statistical
    2. Sales and Marketing Expertise; and,
    3. Team worthy ‘Decision Making & Sharing
    become a challenge for higher education
    Curriculum Planners.
    I feel that one elective that Bowdoin offered me has withstood the “Test of Time” in every endeavor of my career. “Labor Economics” turned into a syllabus to emphasize the values in the daily use of this subject. A formal course in Statistics can be valuable in understanding your work. Nowadays, it is a must to help you know that many numbers associated with today’s political election forecasts lack merit. The required numbers that give credibility to the ever changing ptedictions, are not valid, because of very flawed parameters and extremely small samples.
    A whole Semester encompassing the three+ disciplines, may be a good beginning for all freshman. I would add the fourth as “Workplace Economics” which I continue to respect as a “Guide to The Psychology for Success in Every Discipline”

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