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Infographic: Putting the Environmental Studies Degree to Work

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Video: Springtime on the Quad

Lately, the weather’s been gorgeous (with the exception of the unwelcome Tuesday snowstorm), bringing out a flood of students to the quad. We spoke to some students lounging about after classes, around 4 p.m., who explained how their daily routines (and their moods) change when spring weather arrives.

In order of appearance, Paige Speight ’16, Sixtine Fleury ’19, Maurice Asare ’19, Ryan Herman ’17, Sophie al Mutawaly ’19, Connor Phillips ’17, Isaac Schuchat ’19, Marina Stam ’19, Casey Krause ’17, and Kate Powers ’17. Special thanks to Maurice Asare ’19 who explained the ins and outs of quad walking, quad sitting, and quad sleeping.


Groggy Sleep After Travelling? There’s a Biological Reason for That (Smithsonian Magazine)

wooden bed isolated on white background with clipping path

Why is the first night in a new place frequently marked by poor sleep quality? In a new study published in Current Biology, Masako Tamaki and her colleagues find evidence that the “first night effect” is rooted in biological cues that enable the brain to more closely monitor a new environment for potential dangers.

“At some level, the brain is continuing to analyze things, even though you are not aware of the analysis,” says Jerome Siegel, a sleep researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles. Read the article here.

Bowdoin Archaeologist Headed to Greenland to Investigate Ancient Arctic Mystery

map of etah Archaeologist Genevieve LeMoine, curator of Bowdoin’s Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, has received a National Science Foundation grant to travel to Greenland this summer to excavate an intriguing site on the northwest coast.

Underneath the green grass and sedge that blanket the triangle-shaped site of Etah could lie important clues about what happened to this land’s early inhabitants, who disappeared several hundred years ago. Read the story.