Live Puddle Watching the Latest ‘Slow Television’ Craze (The Atlantic)

Rain drops rippling in a puddle with blue sky reflection More than half a million people had watched a livestream of a puddle in Newcastle, England, before the stream ended Jan. 6. The audience may have been amused by the many solutions pedestrians attempted to conquer the relatively large body of water. “Some sidestepped the puddle, squelching into the soggy mud around it. Some took a running jump and leaped over it. Some simply walked right through,” reports The Atlantic.

Why the fascination with a puddle? “You could also argue that it was a kind of slow television, falling into the genre of seven-hour Norwegian train journeys and knitting programs on PBS and the National Zoo’s panda cam,” writes Sophie Gilbert. “Perhaps it was a kind of metaphor for the human condition: Some leap, others meander, still others simply end up ruining their shoes.”

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