Aging Suit Allows the Young to Spend Time in an Old Body (The Atlantic)

By age 70, your body is heavier (40 pounds on average) and has lost muscle strength. Your peripheral vision may have become cloudy, your hearing may have dimmed, your spine has weakened. To enable young people to experience aging, inventor Bran Ferren has created a suit that “simulates the physical and sensory effects of the process, including cataracts, aphasia, and arthritis,” reports The Atlantic.

The same technology used to make the aging suite could help old people feel young again one day. “Exoskeletons will one day be available so that if your vestibular system fails and you tend to fail or trip, it can automatically restore your balance and correct that,” Ferren says.  “Or as your limbs get weaker and you have joint disease, the exoskeleton can take those loads and give you mobility again.”

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