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Bowdoin Economist Uses Pollution Satellite Data to Assess China’s GDP

Assistant Professor of Economics Stephen Morris studies macroeconomics, particularly the nexus between macroeconomics and the environment. .

China is notorious among economists for not accurately reporting its aggregate gross domestic product. The problem begins with lower-level officials, who report distorted figures that can create a fuzzy picture of the country’s wealth and the population’s welfare.

“So we’re flying in the dark,” Assistant Professor of Economics Stephen Morris said during a recent talk he gave to faculty about his current research. This inaccurate data frustrates China’s national leaders who need truthful numbers to design sound policy and funnel investment to needy areas, Morris explained. Read more in Bowdoin News.


Have You Read One of ‘The 13 Best Novels of 2016’? (Vox)

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The past year has given us many books that grapple with the changing political landscape, but “it also gave us books that allow us to momentarily escape from the disappointments of our world, to transcend the limitations of reality and experience life through other eyes.”

Check out “The 13 best novels of 2016,” according to Vox.

Contronyms: Words That Are Their Own Opposites (Daily Writing Tips)

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When you dust are you applying or removing it? Depends on whether you’re working the crops or the furniture.

It’s just one example of the contronym, or auto-antonym, or antagonym, or Janus word (from the Roman god of beginnings and endings; you know—the one with two faces looking in opposite directions).

Check out this list of 75—and be clear about your intention when using them.


The Year in Bowdoin Instagram: Top Images from Each Month

With thanks to the Digital and Social Media team, we present the top Bowdoin Instagram posts from each month of 2016.

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