‘Full Circle’: Derry Rundlett ’68 Shares Journey of Transgender Child (WGME)


Portland attorney Ellsworth “Derry” Rundlett ’68 was still a student at Bowdoin when his son Nick was born, and the two have been on quite a journey together. Nick transitioned to Nicole, and together, this father and child have chronicled their path in the book Full Circle, which they hope will serve as a helpful tool for parents of transgender children.


  1. Congratulations to Derry and his daughter on the publication of their book. We have come a long way from the time Christine Jorgensen made the public aware of transgenderism. A major factor in society’s evolving recognition of the right of every transgender person to be accepted for who she or he identifies has been the increasing willingness of transgenders to step forward and proclaim their gender identity proudly. As more and more people become aware of family members and friends who are transgender, discussion ceases to be abstract. The respect and rights of transgenders is just a matter of fact. Thanks Derry and Nicole for helping to guide us along.

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