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Slideshow: Moments and Memories from Reunion Weekend 2015

Image: Fred J. Field

Image: Fred J. Field Photography

Reunion Weekend 2015 is in the books, most of it against a backdrop of beautiful summer-like weather (Sunday morning was another story). Reunion Convocation Saturday morning brought the presentation of the College’s most prestigious alumni recognition awards and a final Reunion Convocation address from President Mills.

View slideshows of images captured by photographers Fred J. Field and Michele Stapleton at events and activities held Friday and Saturday, and others in the Bowdoin Reunion 2015 Facebook photo album.

‘Kicked In The Face’: Bowdoin’s Brock Clarke Shares ‘Private Lives’ Story (New York Times)

Brocke Clarke

Brocke Clarke

With the kind of engaging narrative only someone like Professor of English Brock Clarke could provide, we, and the readers of The New York Times, are treated to a play-by-play of his once getting kicked in the face and the costs, emotional and otherwise, that such an experience exacts. Read Clarke’s Private Lives essay, “The Cost of Getting Kicked in the Face.

You Are (Probably) Not Getting Enough Sleep (Yahoo Health)


Americans get an average of only 6.7 hours of sleep each night, according to a recent survey—a red flag for medical experts who recommend seven to nine hours a night for adults.

The survey also revealed that sleep patterns vary by state: Georgians get the least sleep, at 6.09 hours per night, and Idahoans get the most, at 7.12 hours per night. Read the article.