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Mary Bonauto H’14 Reflects on Long-fought Battle for Marriage Equality

Mary Bonauto H'14

Mary Bonauto H’14

Civil rights attorney Mary Bonauto, a 2014 Bowdoin honorary degree recipient, spoke to host Rachel Maddow on MSNBC after the Supreme Court ruled on Friday that gays can marry in every state in the country. “This ruling is built on both liberty, in that we can choose who we’re going to marry and make that momentous life decision with,” Bonauto said, “and it’s also based on equality, that gay people, same-sex couples, have to have the same choices and freedoms and equality.” She also appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Maddow called Bonauto “the alpha and the omega, the architect of this whole strategy.” Bonauto was one of the lawyers who argued the landmark case in front of the Supreme Court, and she argued for marriage equality in 2003 in Massachusetts, which was the first state to allow same-sex marriage.

Bonauto also released a statement on The Boston Globe after the ruling.

Native American Students Make Bowdoin Home for a Week

IMG_9462Nearly 100 Native American students from across the country, including from Alaska and Hawaii, gathered last week on Bowdoin’s campus to learn the ins and outs of applying to colleges and for financial aid.

The students, all with at least 3.0 GPAs and the ambition to earn a college degree, were enrolled in a program called College Horizons. Each summer, the New Mexico-based nonprofit selects two schools in its consortium (this year, they were Bowdoin and Stanford) to host a one-week residential college preparation program. Read more.

Remembering Phil Austin, Class of 1962, Famous for Playing Radio’s Nick Danger (New York Times)

Phil Austin, a founding member of the satirical radio group Fireside Theater, and the voice behind fictional detective Nick Danger, died last week at age 74. Austin attended Bowdoin before studying at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times describes the albums of Fireside Theater as touchstones of the countercultural era.

How to Predict the Weather—Without Picking up Your Phone (Mental Floss)

SkyIn the summer, the weather can be especially volatile, and despite significant improvements in weather technology, your smartphone’s weather app is actually pretty poor at predicting it. So, instead of checking your phone, use these 15 tried-and-true old-school methods of forecasting the weather so you’re never caught out in the rain while your weather app insists it’s sunny.