Two Bowdoin Talks: Jews in Hollywood and Latin American Sci-Fi Art

Neal Gabler on Tuesday gave a talk at Bowdoin on Jews and Hollywood, focusing on the early years of Hollywood when five of the six major studios were headed by Jews. These movie moguls wanted to be regarded first as Americans, and they strived to reinvent themselves as new men. In doing so, they created a powerful cluster of images and ideas, painting an idealized portrait of an American society to which they were denied access.

Gabler’s lecture was sponsored by the Harry Spindel Memorial Lectureship Fund, which was established as a lasting testimony to his lifelong devotion to Jewish Learning. Read more about Gabler’s talk.

Later in the week, Gabriel Perez-Barreiro delivered a keynote lecture exploring the ways in which some artists from Latin America have used science and space travel as metaphors for expressing present day realities and imagined futures. Watch his talk here.

Bowdoin is creating an archive of many of the lectures that take place on campus at Bowdoin Talks.

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