Need a New Hip? Bowdoin Economist Has Some Advice

jonathan_goldsteinAfter Professor of Economics Jonathan Goldstein analyzed the cost-effectiveness of different hip replacement techniques, he found that the surgeon and the technique can make a big difference in cost.  Read the story.


  1. John Gibbons says:

    Interesting effort and very worthy. There is another aspect to this surgery (and to knee replacements): staph infections. Prof. Goldstein might survey the same sources for incidences of these infections. If he wants graphic evidence, he might check with Prof Yarborough about her late husband’s infection at Maine Med and what this cost.

  2. michael hermans md class of 1978 says:

    i had both my hips replaced 2 years ago.being a urologist i was able to pick the best orthopedist in texas.the operation has changed my life and allows me to do almost anything pain free. do your research and go for the best and do check their infection want a surgeon that does more than 50 a year and a hospital that does more than 200 a also want a hospital with a proven care pathway.good luck.

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