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The Accidental Entrepreneurs (Fortune)

Beth Kowitt '07 profiles siblings and entrepreneurs Eric '06 and Arnyn Davich '03 with photos by Karsten Moran '05.

Beth Kowitt ’07 profiles siblings and entrepreneurs Eric ’06 and Arnyn Davich ’03 with photos by Karsten Moran ’05.

At Bowdoin, Arlyn Davich ’03 and her brother Eric ’06 were music majors who never took an economics course. Yet, in founding their own companies, they’ve followed a common route to take them toward very different goals.

Beth Kowitt ’07 took a break from her day job as a writer at Fortune magazine to profile the duo in Bowdoin magazine’s Fall 2013 issue. Fortune, in turn, has posted the story to its online presence, Read “The Accidental Entrepreneur” with photography by Karsten Moran ’05.

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Are MOOCs Working? (NPR)

KnowledgeMany have heralded MOOCs, or massive open online courses, as the way to provide education to the underserved and to make it affordable. “In theory, students saddled by rising debt and unable to tap into the best schools would be able to take free classes from rock star professors at elite schools,” NPR reports.

But completion rates and grades of MOOC students lag behind those in traditional classes. Students who do well in MOOCs are often already successful, or are taking post-graduation enrichment courses.

The lack of human connection can make the online classroom experience feel mechanistic and ineffectual, according to NPR, prompting some online course providers to offer more “human-centered support structures” — e.g., human mentors — to help students retain information and stay the course.

New Year Brings New Laws for Pot, Guns and More (Huffington Post)

marijuana pot medical marijuana drugsMarijuana stores in Colorado open Jan. 1, while sales in Washington for the newly legalized recreational drug will start later in the year. Starting in January, transgender students in California can choose which restroom to use and whether to play on boys’ or girls’ sports teams. Unregistered assault guns and large-capacity ammunition magazines will be considered illegal contraband as of Jan. 1 in Connecticut. In Maine, health care providers will have to provide to patients a list of prices of the most common health services and procedures, a law designed to boost transparency around medical costs. Read about other new laws going into effect around the country in 2014.