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Strategic Planning: An Area of Untapped Potential (McKinsey and Company)


Good business strategy is more important than ever in a global economy fraught with uncertainty. But most businesses stifle the role of strategic planners and chief strategists by asking them to develop easy-to-deliver goals within a rigid time period.

McKinsey & Company offer some insights on how the role of the strategist can be fleshed out and made more effective. Read the article.

Political Correctness as Creative Muse (The Atlantic)


Political correctness is often shunted aside as a language of bureaucrats, a watered-down form of communication that restricts our freedom of speech.

But assumptions aside, new research suggests that political correctness actually stimulates creativity and leads to more successful collaboration in mixed-gender groups — possibly because sharing the recognition that sexist language will not be tolerated makes both genders more comfortable working together.

Bowdoin Professors Win Honors and Grants

Gate sun256Bowdoin faculty members across the sciences and humanities continue to garner awards for their work – including research grants, scholarly accolades, and fellowships abroad – from institutions such as the MacArthur Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the Fulbright Program. See some of the most recent faculty awards.

New Theories: Time Moves in Two Directions (Scientific American)


Time only goes forward, right? According to “time-indifferent laws of physics, time’s arrow may in a sense move in two directions, although any observer can only see and experience one,” explains Lee Billings in Scientific American.

While the controversy of “time’s arrow” has unfolded for more than a century, recent models suggest that we may be living in the past of a parallel universe.