Archives for December 2014

Disproving Medical Myths May Make the Myths Stronger (NPR)

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Offering Americans accurate information on myths about the flu vaccine may actually make them less likely to get the vaccine, a recent experiment shows. What’s behind this paradoxical result? Read the article.

Bowdoin Art Activists Brighten Local Rec Center

rec centerBowdoin Art Activists,  a student group dedicated to fostering collaborative projects between the town and the College, has completed its first big project of the year. Read the story.

Medical Debt is Making Americans’ Credit Scores Sick (Washington Post)

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Just over half of all overdue debt that shows up on Americans’ credit reports is related to medical expenses, and many of the Americans whose credit scores have been affected would otherwise have a clean credit slate. These statistics have led to a call for new rules on how medical debt is factored into credit scores. Read the article.

Life on Mars: Some Glimpses of our Celestial Neighbor (NASA)

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Mars has long fascinated earthlings, particularly for the possibility that it may once have been home to life. While the jury’s still out on that possibility, NASA’s website has created an online photo gallery it calls “Mars As Art,” showing off the spectacular geologic formations of our next-door neighbor in the solar system. Take a look here.