What I Did This Summer: Studying the Science of Red Tide

Sasha Kramer ’16

Sasha Kramer ’16

Sasha Kramer ’16 spent the summer at Bowdoin’s Coastal Studies Center, studying the dynamics of algal blooms that cause paralytic shellfish poisoning. She has been collaborating in the lab and on the water with Associate Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science Collin Roesler and Schuyler Nardelli ’15.

Here’s Sasha: By the third hour, Schuyler and I had our sampling routine down to a perfect twelve minutes. We felt pretty impressed with ourselves, though the only witnesses to our accomplishment were a couple of jellyfish and a swarm of gnats. “I can’t see it!” one of us would call, lowering the black-and-white patterned Secchi disk to determine the depth where light no longer penetrated the water and the disk became instantly invisible. Read the full story.

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