Conor Williams ’05 Reports New Findings on School Breakfast (EdCentral)

Conor Williams '05

Conor Williams ’05

When Conor Williams ’05 was growing up, his incentive to eat breakfast came from a single Cheerios commercial and from his three younger brothers – who would “eat me alive on the field, on the court, or at the card table” if he skipped his morning meal, writes Williams in EdCentral.

Adding to these compelling reasons to eat breakfast, it has long been thought that students who miss the meal are worse off in school. However, with new changes to school breakfast programs comes new research on their efficacy – and it proves to be a mixed bag. Some studies report that providing in-class breakfast can improve student health and obesity rates; others show no increases in test scores and attendance. So is it worth policymakers’ time to push for breakfast funding? Read Williams’ take.

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