Brock Cassidy ’15 Wins Startup Competition in Portland


Brock Cassidy ’15

Brock Cassidy ’15 wants to show newcomers the wonders of Maine like only a local can. He has founded a company called Day With A Local, which “offers unique tours and local experiences to tourists and people new to the area, through local guides who are experts on that activity,” Cassidy explains, “for example, one could take an art walk with a local artist.” The guides have expertise in a number of  areas, such as architectural history and outdoor adventures. So far, the company is on the web and on social media, and Cassidy aims to add a mobile application into the mix.

Day With A Local was the winner of the Startup Weekend competition in Portland, one of several Startup Weekend entrepreneurial competitions in cities nation wide. Cassidy’s idea was among 50 pitched to the group, and was then selected as one of the top 15. From there, he had to compete for support over other ideas from his fellow entrepreneurs.

Together with a team of about eight other participants, “we built a website, talked to customers, talked to hotels about being partners,” Cassidy says. Then, after a final pitch event in front of the judges, Cassidy’s idea was selected as one of three winning companies. 

Day With A Local is featured on Startups in Maine’s website.


  1. Sandra Stone says:

    This is awesome confirmation that imagination, creativity and problem solving are alive and well at Bowdoin helping young people see the 21st century future in innovation and entrepreneurship.

  2. Awesome Brock! I look forward to seeing your pitch and DWAL rising up the ranks on

  3. Brock Cassidy says:

    Thank you!

  4. scott robinett says:

    Nice going.

  5. Grammar Police says:

    My last English class (with Professor Burroughs) was in 1969. But the like/as distinction remains clear, common usage notwithstanding. So, should it not read: …show newcomers the wonders of Maine as only a local can?

    By the way Brock, your idea is terrific, and scalable. Good luck!

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