Beauty Surrounds: Alumna Captures Kent Island

The Warden's House at Kent Island. Photo by Gail Hines Claypool '76.

The Warden’s House at Kent Island. Photo by Gail Hines Claypool ’76.

On a recent trip to Kent Island, a small Canadian island in the Bay of Fundy and home to the Bowdoin Scientific Station, photographer Gail Hines Claypool ’76 captured this image of the building known as the Warden’s House against illuminated clouds on the horizon. Read what students have been up to on the island this summer in the article, “Summer Researchers Discover Kent Island (And Blog About It).”


  1. Uncle John says:

    I hope Bowdoin is doing a better job of publicizing various “offers of the college” to the students than it was when I was there. Not that I had the time to do some of the things that were offered, but I have always regretted not knowing that Bowdoin had a sailing club until I was a Junior–too late to really learn to sail and develop some sailing skills.
    However, I dare say that those who were at Bowdoin in 1956, ’57, and ’58 will remember that the school was well-represented by the Band at football games, etc. (Tilly turned the band over to me after my freshman year and I think we had a good time and gave a good account of ourselves–although when the valves and trombone slides froze at the University of Maine game in Orono it more than just challenging–it was down right HARD!!!)
    AND, my life-long ornithologist wife had taught me everything I might have learned at Bowdoin about birds.

    Good luck all. John [AKA “JC”]

  2. Peter H. Dragonas, M.D. '59 says:

    Awesome! Is there a relationship with The Coastal Studies Program at Harpswell with Bowdoin’s Kent Island site? I hope it is for it could be of marine environmental importance to compare and study marine ecology systems. Waters in close proximity to Atlantic states are now found to contain chemicals, biochemicals and the metabolic products of many pharmaceutical agents both from animal and human use. Female hormones bio – byproducts continue to have an effect on marine life. Fish & mammalian comparative anatomists are finding evidence of gender alteration not seen before. Waters in Canada’s North East seas may escape the challenge of bio alterations. PBS had a recent documentary re: “Return to The Natural State of Ecology both Land & Sea. This documented the return of both land and sea bio- entities. I am certain that Pres. Mills, who has a Doctorate in Biology can give direction and clarification on both my question and comments. Thank you.

  3. Yes! The Bowdoin Marine Lab at Harpswell Sound, the Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island, and other student and faculty research sites along the Maine coast are all part of Coastal Studies at Bowdoin.

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