Mainer Hopes to Mark Where Joshua Chamberlain Was Shot (Bangor Daily News)

Joshua Chamberlain

Joshua Chamberlain


Dean Clegg, a guide at the Chamberlain House Museum and Maine native, is hoping to raise $1,630 to place a stone marker at the exact location where Joshua Chamberlain was shot in battle 150 years ago this year.

Chamberlain survived the attack and would live another 50 years before passing away due to complications from his original wound in 1914.

Renowned for having led the Union army at Little Round Top, this former Maine governor and Bowdoin College president is portrayed on stage in the Maine State Music Theater’s production of Chamberlain: A Civil War Romancein Pickard Theater, Memorial Hall.




  1. Peter E. Zelz '80 says:

    Hey Polar Bears, I donated. Let’s make this happen!

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