Collecting Oral Histories of Maine Fishermen


Audrey Phillips ’16 on Bowdoin’s campus

As part of its mission to preserve Maine’s fishing communities and help rebuild the Gulf of Maine’s fish stocks, a Brunswick-based advocacy group has been collecting oral histories from fishermen.

Sitting on a trove of these stories, the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association this summer hired Audrey Phillips ’16 to put together videos based on the recordings. Phillips selects segments from the taped narratives and overlays them with photographs. To fund her summertime work, she has a Psi Upsilon Environmental fellowship through the Environmental Studies Program. This grant is part of the Community Matters in Maine Program, which is administered jointly by the McKeen Center and Environmental Studies.

The Fishermen’s Association will use the videos to help educate the public about Maine’s fishermen and the changing fishing industry. “We want to build interest in the general community about why we need to protect our fishing communities, our fishermen and our fisheries resource,” Ben Martens ’06, the association’s executive director, said. Read the full story.

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