Get the Biggest Brain Boost Out of Exercise (Washington Post)

Brown hair woman with headphones joggingYou might already be aware that exercise can boost concentration and mental alertness. Poets, novelists and songwriters alike have noted the creative energy they feel after a long walk or run in the woods. But just what is it about certain kinds of exercise that leave you feeling more revived than others? The Washington Post says the secret to a good “brain boost” from exercise is a clear mind. When you read or use programs like Wii Fit to keep you going during a workout, you might not reap as many brain benefits; you are still focused on external stimuli and using the same “higher-order thinking skills” as you do for other tasks outside of exercise. Even if you hate running, a low-impact activity such as yoga that focuses on relaxation and mind-body presence can improve clarity and focus. Remember: a clear mind during exercise is the key.

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