‘Clean Ingredients’ Is the New ‘Low Fat’ (Fortune)

VegetablesNutrition can be confusing, since often we can’t see an immediate positive or negative effect from what we consume. To complicate matters further, health trends keep changing (for example, new research shows that fats like butter and cheese might not be as evil as we thought). Panera is the latest in a series of restaurants to introduce and promote a “clean ingredients” policy, a more recent trend in healthy eating.

What does “clean ingredients” mean? No artificial sweeteners, flavoring, and preservatives — in Panera’s case, you should actually be able to read and pronounce the names of all ingredients in the restaurant’s products by 2016. This signals a change in what people value in their diets: instead of flocking to “low calorie” and “low fat” claims, Millenials and Generation-X-ers especially love to hear that their food is all-natural. Read more about the implications of this change from Fortune.


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