Beyond the Maps: Socially Navigating Europe’s Transportation Systems (City Lab)

Image credit Catherine YochumWhen traveling to a foreign country, you can learn from guidebooks whether to tip a taxi driver and which streets to avoid during what times of day – but what about blending in on underground public transportation?  What’s considered courteous in one system – leaving a newspaper behind in the London Tube, for example – might provoke glares in another.

Whether it’s about eating, personal space, or conversation volume, The Atlantic’s Citylab tells you what your subway map cannot about how to get around Europe this summer.


  1. Eric Weis '73 says:

    Great article. I have just survived the Paris Metro and can attest to the door closing etiquette. I was on the outside trying to get in when the doors slammed shut on me. Others grabbed the doors and I was able to get on. Did a number on my pants plus a bruised knee. But the good news is that the trains ran on time, were clean, modern and climatisé (air conditioned). Ticketing was a breeze and the music in the halls and on the trains was superb. Live musicians! Great system.

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