Host Families Make Bowdoin Home (WCSH)

Sarah Wood ’14 and host mother Mary Robinson (Photo: WCSH)

Sarah Wood ’14 and host mother Mary Robinson (Photo: WCSH)

While many graduating seniors are welcoming family to Brunswick to help them celebrate Commencement, some students have had a second family right here the whole time. The local NBC affiliate highlights the host family program with a segment featuring Sarah Wood ’14, her host mother Mary Robinson and the program’s coordinators, Margo and David Knight.


  1. Mary Robinson says:

    Thanks to Jen Cartmell, another host family mother, for pulling the pieces together
    to highlight this great program offered at Bowdoin.

  2. Penny Nakamura says:

    The second family at Bowdoin has been so fantastic for my gresan daughter who came from little Bend,OR!
    Tina and David Treadwell have been such a support this year, can’t thank them enough !

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