Bowdoin’s Potholm on Maine’s ‘Worrisome’ Three-Way Governor’s Race (Wall Street Journal)

Christian Potholm

Christian Potholm

In a state where bumper stickers reading “61%: We did not vote for Paul LePage” are commonplace, it’s no surprise that a potential repeat of the same kind of three-way race that ushered in Maine’s controversial governor is garnering some concern among voters. Independent Eliot Cutler is again campaigning, and will again, many democrats fear, split the vote and once more hand LePage the keys to the governor’s mansion.

“If Cutler were to drop out, he would be a hero to Democrats,” said Christian Potholm, Bowdoin’s DeAlva Stanwood Alexander Professor of Government, whose insight was tapped for The Wall Street Journal article, “Maine’s Three-Way Governor’s Race Worries LePage Foes” (subscription required).

Bowdoin students, faculty, and staff may access the story’s full text here.


  1. Charlie Graham says:

    Four years ago, before the 2010 Governor’s race, my Democrat friends were saying the same thing, i.e. that Cutler was being a spoiler and should drop out. However, when November came around, it turned out that the real spoiler was the Democratic candidate. Why didn’t she drop out? I mention this to my Democratic friends now when they give me the same litany. They say “it’s different” this year. Hah!

    It’s also very early and a lot about the campaign is not known: Will responsible Republicans (like Chris Potholm?) try to replace LePage with a more responsible candidate and vote for Cutler if they can’t? Will Mike Michaud’s conservative supporters in the 2nd District have “2nd thoughts” about voting for him, now that he’s come out? Does Cutler’s greater strength in more recent polls indicate that he’s not “the spoiler”? Stay tuned.

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