Trisha Bauman ’84: How Women Can Ascend the Ladder


Photo by Rita Liao ’15

In Trisha Bauman’s recent campus talk on women and leadership, she quickly got to the crux of the issue. “If you were to look at a trend line of the percentage of MBA graduates comprised by women from the seventies to today, you’d see about a 45-degree angle,” she said. “If you were to add the percentage of Fortune 500 CEOs comprised by women, you’d see roughly a flat line. So something’s not working.”

Bauman’s talk, organized by the student group Bowdoin Women in Business, was one of many workshops and classes she offered to students during a recent trip back to Bowdoin. “My presence on campus over these few days reflects the ways I’ve been active professionally since graduating,” she explained.  Read the full story.


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