MLB Head Lawyer David Prouty ’80 Leads Negotiation Workshop for Students


Although few students will ever get the chance to hash out $200 million multiyear contracts for the best baseball players in the world, they could still learn a few negotiating tips from the guy who does it for a living.

David Prouty ’80, general counsel for the Major League Baseball Players Association, was on campus last week to give a talk on “power, money and how collective bargaining and players’ interests continue to shape the game of baseball.” While he was here, he also offered an afternoon negotiation workshop for 15 students. Read the full story.


  1. Rink DuPont says:

    Gee-gee gave me a link to this article.

    A great story! Enjoyed it immensely. Another successful Bowdoin alumni!

  2. The negotiation workshop sounds like a great opportunity with wide-ranging applicability. Excellent programming effort.

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