Bowdoin Grad Cooks Up Job with Barefoot Contessa

Lidey Heuck ’13 with Ina Garten, and her husband, Jeffrey, in June, 2013

Lidey Heuck ’13 with Ina Garten, and her husband, Jeffrey, in June 2013.

These days Lidey Heuck ’13 is helping test recipes, sending out social media missives and traveling to cooking events around the country with Ina Garten, better known as the Barefoot Contessa. Garten, who hosts a long-running cooking show on the Food Network, hired Heuck last year as her assistant and social media manager working out of her East Hampton, N.Y. office.

A nationally aired Jan. 26 episode of “The Barefoot Contessa” depicted Garten throwing a housewarming party for Heuck. Featuring appearances by a number of Bowdoin classmates and friends (including Simon Bordwin ’13, Julia Graham ’13, Peyton Kelley ’13, Louisa Oakes ’13, Matthew Marr ’13, Alexandra Fradin ’13, Molly Clements ’13, Emma Stanislawski ’13 and and Marissa Rosenthal ’14), the episode follows Heuck as she shops around town in preparation for the party while Garten puts together a feast.


  1. Congratulations Lidey…’tis a good thing to have a Polar Bear in the Ina Garten kitchen and environs.
    We had the pleasure of producing a luncheon several years ago when Ina was in Portland to show support for Eliot Cutler, a candidate in the gubernatorial primaries.
    We look forward to seeing her (and now you) in Portland when time permits.
    Best wishes,
    Craig Williams ’71
    Churchill Events, Portland, Maine

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