Americans Judge Non-Believers as Immoral (Pacific Standard)

church angelTimes are hard for non-believers. Psychologist Will Gervaise at the University of Kentucky recently published a study that demonstrated how atheists are peceived negatively by Americans, in spite of the louder voices atheists have been offering in recent years. Even hard-core atheists were found to believe that immorality is more represented in people who don’t believe in God than other people.

The findings also suggest that by assuming moral behavior depends on believing in God leads people “to look at non-believers and reflexively assume the worse,” despite evidence to the contrary.

Read about Gervaise’s methodology and how he lured people into revealing their prejudices here. 


  1. David Kilgour '64 says:

    This article is beneath the standard of the Bowdoin Daily Sun.

  2. Steven Plourde says:

    Atheists & other moral relativists have no fixed moral code .

    Without a consistent code of right and wrong as a moral anchor, atheists are at least amoral, if not immoral.

    People who believe in God usually have a written moral code while atheists & other moral relativists do not.

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