A Campus Discussion on the Cars of Tomorrow

future of carsJunior Courtney Payne invited a panel of experts to campus last week to weigh in on the future of cars. This future, they all agreed, would have to be one in which a variety of fuels were available on the market.

The three guests came at the issue from different sectors. Ben Burke ’99 is a geologist with Noble Energy, Inc., a natural gas company in Denver, Colo. Tom Twist is the sustainability officer for the Chewonki Foundation, an educational nonprofit with an environmental focus, based in Wiscasset, Maine. And Mark Rosenblatt is the advisor and founder of several organizations that are trying to open the transportation market to competitive fuels.

With several other like-minded students (including Anna Hall ’15, Margaret Lindeman ’15 and Alithea McFarlane ’14), Payne is actively trying to ”bring the environmental discussion to a broad group of students,” she said. The subject of cars has a broad appeal because we all need to get to places, and we all mostly use cars to do so.  Read the full story.

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  1. I have been working with and interested in many alternative fuels
    I have been experimenting with hydrogen cells of various types
    It is something I have done for years being from a background of family that were inventors and science involved relatives. I have worked in areas of public safety and Military and have a vast background to why ot is a problem to use certain types of alternative energy or fuels.
    I do allot working with solar , wind, hydro experiments
    So I am not just limited to alternative fuels.
    Electric cars are nice but for public safety use it is a problem as the equipment used requires a battery and altenator to keep up with the draw demand from equipment used and would need too high of a demand for solar to properly work.
    This is another reason it has led me to experiment with hydrogen cells and then figure out options of oils used in the vehicle , the engine needs oil break fluid and transmission fluid and other fluids to run properly.
    Just jave to take it one step at a time.
    I would certainly be interested in what your group has come up with or look at other options that you think might work. I basically design and build or find items that might work or worth investing into to try and test such as the hydrogen cell. I have used my own funding to come up with build and design and test items for such projects since not many groups are willing to try out an idea not fully documented
    So feel freebto contact me if you have further questions or if you would want any assistance on such matters you are looking into.

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