Peckham ’95 Receives Pew Award To Expand Sustainable Fishing Project


Hoyt Peckham ’95. Photo by Brian Wedge ’97.

Hoyt Peckham ’95 has been awarded a 2014 Pew fellowship to continue his work incentivizing sustainable fishing. Peckham is the founder and director of La Paz, Mexico-based SmartFish, a nonprofit that enables small-scale fishermen to produce high quality, sustainably caught seafood by using ocean-friendly practices that reduce by-catch. Pew’s award will allow him to expand this program, first developed in Baja California Sur, throughout northwest Mexico to determine whether it could be replicated to restore value in fisheries around the world. The Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation awards recipients $150,000 for a three-year project to address conservation challenges facing the oceans.


  1. Lisa May Giles says:

    Congratulations, Hoyt!!!

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