Closing the Gap (Forbes)

Resume256The American job market is currently struggling with a skills problem. Employers increasingly say that they can’t find qualified applicants, while young adults scramble to find jobs. To fix this problem, educators, nonprofits and industry captains joined together to discuss the issue at the Forbes Reinventing America forum. Suggestions include adding employers to the curriculum and teaching students about burgeoning industries, as well as training them on the types of basic skills needed to thrive in growing fields.


  1. William Barker says:

    There is another point-of-view on the “skills problem”: that it is greatly overblown, if it exists at all. Paul Krugman discusses this in his New York Times article published (conveniently) today, Monday, March 31. “[T]he belief that America suffers from a severe ‘skills gap’ is one of those things that everyone important knows must be true, because everyone they know says it’s true. It’s a prime example of a zombie idea–an idea that should have been killed by evidence, but refuses to die.” This “skills myth” does harm: it diverts attention away from the real problems (e.g., poor fiscal policy) and essentially blames workers for their own plight. Read Krugman.

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