Advocate for Homeless Swann ’84 Kicks Off Leadership Series

Mark Swann ’84

Mark Swann ’84

“I was driving back from Boston, gripping the wheel, thinking to myself, ‘Be careful what you wish for’,” Mark Swann ’84 said, describing the advent of his remarkable career to a roomful of students at the McKeen Center. While Swann dreamed of being able to make an impact on the most needy, he also knew that by accepting the Preble Street job he would be throwing himself into an all-consuming task.

Swann was 28 when he travelled from Boston to Portland to interview for an executive position with Preble Street, a homeless shelter that at the time had “daunting goals.” Its mission to help the homeless in Maine’s largest city was overwhelming the two-employee, one-room facility with a $110,000 annual budget. When he was hired, Swann, just six years out of college, was asked to transform the way Portland treated its homeless population. Read the full story by Julie Piñero ’14.

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