Senior’s Pub Delivery Start-up Going Strong

samsilvermanIn his first two seasons as a football player at Bowdoin, Sam Silverman ’14 spent many evenings at Jack Magee’s Pub in Smith Union, eating late-night meals with his teammates. Tired from practice, the players often wished they could just order take-out and have it delivered to their rooms.

So after Silverman stopped playing football due to injuries, he decided “to make that dream a reality,” he said.

In the fall of 2012, Silverman launched Bowdoin Pub Delivery. A year and a half later, the senior makes between seven and 10 deliveries per night, earns on average $10 an hour and has two employees — Tom Furbee ’14 and Liam Blair-Ford ’17. Blair-Ford has talked about taking over the business next year after Silverman and Furbee graduate. Read the full story.

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