First-Years Start Up New Quaker Meeting

Jake Reiben ’17

Jake Reiben ’17

Other than the radiator clanking in the corner on a chilly December night, the Massachusetts Hall classroom was silent, despite the dozen or so students, two staff members and one professor sitting there. Most were breathing slowly, their eyes shut, their faces relaxed.

The silence was intentional, as this was the second Quaker meeting of the semester. Earlier in the fall, Jake Reiben ’17 had approached Bob Ives, Bowdoin’s religious and spiritual life director, to ask for help starting a new Quaker group on campus. Reiben was also supported by Will Gantt ’17, who graduated from a Quaker high school in Baltimore.

While not a practicing Quaker, Reiben says he values the religion’s tradition of meditative meetings, which provide a chance for both self-reflection and group cohesion. “Some describe it as collective meditation,” he said. Reiben, like Gantt, attended a Quaker high school — his in Brooklyn, N.Y. Read the full story.

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  1. Lynn Lockwood says:

    Are the meetings open to Bowdoin Friends? The closest non mediated Quaker meeting is in Wiscasset which us quite a hike – especially this time of year!

  2. Rebecca Goldfine says:

    Hi Lynn, I believe they are open to all. I will get back to you if I hear otherwise from Jake. I don’t think they’ll be starting up again until second semester begins on Jan. 20.

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