Bowdoin Adds Electric Car to Campus Fleet

photoBowdoin students and employees now have the option of using a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) when they need to leave campus. This winter, with a grant from Central Maine Power, Bowdoin added a 2013 Chevrolet Volt to its fleet of  cars and vans.

CMP supported Bowdoin’s purchase of the Volt because of the relatively high visibility the hybrid car will have in the midcoast area, according to Keisha Payson, Bowdoin’s sustainability coordinator. “It’s a unique opportunity to bring awareness of PHEV technology to a wide variety of constituents,” she said. Read more about Bowdoin’s PHEV.




  1. Eric Weis '73 says:

    Cars have been part of professional career life for a long time. If the object was environmental statement AND the driving radius was Portland and back – a Nissan Leaf would make the same statement at less cost. Now comes the question of charging station infrastructure. I hope that CMP is putting its resources into creating or subsidizing a network of charging locations. Without them, PEVs are impaired by long charging times. Also, the environmental impact (and society costs) of Li battery disposal has yet to be fully assessed. Personally, I drive a high efficiency turbo-diesel with 600 mile cruising range. Diesel takes about 1/2 the energy of comparable gasoline to refine – and is the choice in much of the world for most efficient automobile operation. In the long run, let’s hope our electric and diesel cars will be able to drive to train stations – because mass transit consumes a fraction of the energy of our independent motion machines (aka cars).

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