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Former Google Exec Reinvents Elementary Education (Fast Company)

School in chalkboardIt’s a seriously smart way of optimizing education. Former Google executive Max Ventilla is using research and development to create a school program that adapts to the needs of each individual child. AltSchool has two missions: grow a network of excellent elementary schools that return to the single-room schoolhouse style of education and use the schools as labs to learn and improve the model. With a staff made up of half former Google engineers, and the rest educators, AltSchool opened its first school in San Francisco this past September. Read more about its innovative teaching methods.

New York Times Presents a Year in Photos (NYT)

Camera128Taken at some of the past year’s most momentous events around the world , these 80 photographs help “shock us awake,” according to editor Dana Jennings, “making the reader more human amid the infinite bombast of our electronic infotainment.”  Not just capturing dramatic and emotional scenes, the Times‘ photograph collection contains quiet, celebratory and funny moments as well.


Saturday Scoreboard



Women’s Basketball – Twelve different Polar Bears scored as the Bowdoin College women’s basketball team overwhelmed Rivier 82-63 on the opening day of the Land of Magic Classic Saturday in Florida.

10 Investment Themes for 2014 (MarketWatch)

Gold bars128

Has gold lost its Midas Touch?


“2014 is going to feel a lot like 2004 and 1994 when the economy surprised to the high side,” says an economist and financial strategist. Check out MarketWatch’s “10 Money-Making Investment Ideas for 2014.”