Student Photographs Show the World Anew

Space and time, Garret English ’16

Space and time, Garret English ’16

This semester, the nine students in Associate Professor of Art Michael Kolster’s photography seminar pursued independent projects based on the concept of exploring with their cameras. The final projects, which the students recently presented to the public, displayed a range of ideas and objects. Yet they all shared a common theme — photography’s power to allow us to see the world anew.

Read the full story by Sophia Cheng ’15.

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  1. Alan Sockloff says:

    I see a group of very talented students. In particular, I thought Sarah Haimes did a great job on abstract negative space. Her image, Framework, reminded me of Imogen Cunningham’s pic (can’t remember the name), of the sort-of triangular space bounded by a breast and the inside of a bent elbow. Also enjoyed the humor of watching a young woman preparing for whatever.

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