Reclaiming Maine From the Clutches of ‘Trendy’ (Vanity Fair)


Who can blame America for wanting a piece of Maine? After all, the sign on the way into Vacationland says it all: The Way Life Should Be. From catalog shoots along the idyllic coast to the elevation of Bean boots and native woolens to high fashion status, consumers have, for years now, not been able to get enough. Mainer Chris Rovzar pines for the end of a passing fascination in the Vanity Fair article “Is America Finally Over Its Maine Moment? (If So, Thank God).”


  1. Eileen Currie says:

    What a wonderful analysis of the young chic that they would think that wearing clothes would mean that they get Maine. I moved to Bath, after we sold our summer home inChatham, MA to escape the overwhelming invasion of tourists who disrespected the enchatment of a special town.
    Maybe Land’s End might want to give some of it’s profits to assist charities in ME that are in dire need of assistance
    Just a thought

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