Go Greek: The Secrets to Living Well (Huffington Post)

Greek flag

The Greeks have one of the oldest cultures in the world, still studied by many across the globe. However, the health habits and leisure rituals of modern Greece (many of them rooted in their ancient culture) have a lot to teach the rest of us. From a diet filled with vegetables to the benefits of naps, here are 11 Greeks secrets to living well.


  1. Charlie Graham says:

    I love the “idea” of the Greek wisdom described in this article, but was surprised that the writer ignored the chaos and dysfunction that now reigns in Greece. A cynic could make the case that the Greek secret to living well is to avoid certain inconvenient duties of good national citizenship, like paying their taxes, forcing their national politicians to borrow excessively from foreigners to pay for the benefits that help get them re-elected. (But then that seems to be a growing tendency in all modern democracies, including here in the good ol’ USA.) But back to the thesis of this article. I’ve recently read a book that goes a little deeper into the issue of Greek “happiness” by Daniel Klein entitled “Travels With Epicurus; A Journey to a Greek Island in Search of a Fulfilled Life”. Since Mr. Klein and I are both in our 70’s, we both see the wisdom of the old Greek philosopher’s advice on how to grow old gracefully; but the same advice, if applied to a whole citizenry is in conflict with what we consider to be the virtues of Western European and American “success”. So perhaps the self-fulfillment praised by Klein and the Huffington Post can only undermine any hopes of national fulfillment and thereby leave the civilizations of navel-watchers vulnerable to the more opportunistic and aggressive cultures?

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