Feminism, Image and Miley Cyrus

Illustration credit: Abby McBrideMiley Cyrus’ attention-grabbing performance at the MTV Video Music Awards — featuring a teddy bear onesie and a risqué duet with Robin Thicke — sparked a lecture and student discussion of gender and sexuality in Hubbard Hall December 4.

Led by Associate Professor of German Jill Smith and Associate Professor of English and Film Studies Aviva BriefelFeminism, Image and Miley Cyrus took place in the Shannon Room of Hubbard Hall with sponsorship from Baxter House and the Donald and Barbara Kurtz Fund.

Cyrus’ performance included “all of these indicators that signify sexuality or sexual perversion in some way, but not in a very legible or readable way,” Briefel said. “I think it confused a lot of people, which we can see from the audience shots.” Read the full story by Somya Mawrie ’14.

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