Ellen Baxter ’75’s Broadway Housing Communities Celebrates Milestone with Bowdoin Tribute


President Barry Mills, John Studzinski '78 and Barbara Tarmey

President Barry Mills, John Studzinski ’78 and Barbara Tarmy ’75 at Broadway Housing Communities’ 30  Years/30 Heroes celebration in New York City.

Broadway Housing Communities, the New York City affordable housing non-profit founded by Ellen Baxter ’75, marked its 30th anniversary with a 30 Years/30 Heroes celebration Dec. 3, 2013. The event, hosted by John Studzinski ’78 and attended by President Barry Mills, , recognized the College one of its 30 heroes.

“It is fair to say that were it not for Bowdoin College there would be no Broadway Housing Communities,” reads the narrative in the event’s printed materials.”By every measure, BHC’s accomplishments are testament to Bowdoin College’s values and ethos as invoked in ‘The Offer of the College,’ which includes the call ‘to lose yourself in generous enthusiasms and cooperate with others for common ends.’ From Ellen Baxter’s  founding vision and sense of purpose; to the professional dedication of Mary Ann Villari ’75 without whom BHC would not be preparing to welcome tenants to Sugar Hill; to the dedication of current and former board members Saddie Smith ’75, John Studzinski ’78 and the late John Cooper-Mullin ’75 whose steadfast belief in our mission makes it possible to create real and sustained impact every day; to the alumni, student and parent volunteers whose contributions on Common Good Day each year ‘make hosts of friends’; to the Polar Bear network that year after year strengthens our confidence and our efforts; to those whose ongoing personal commitments make everything possible, Bowdoin College has been integral to BHC’s genesis, development and growth.”


  1. Leo J. Dunn, III says:

    Ellen, Mary Ann, Saddie, Barbara and John C-M, who we all miss – all Class of 1975 heroes – and John, congratulations. Leo J. Dunn, III ’75

  2. Lisa McElaney '77 says:

    This extension of our College’s commitment to the Common Good makes me proud. Thirty years in, Sugar Hill is entrepreneurial social justice on steroids :) and a beautiful jewel in Broadway Housing Communities’ crown. Congratulations Ellen and Mary Ann and thank you.

  3. Elise Selinger '10 says:

    I greatly admire Ellen Baxter’s work at BHC. I have had the pleasure of volunteering at the Dorothy Day Apartments during Common Good Days organized by KC Maloney ’10 and witnessing the impact of Ms. Baxter’s work at the recent Supportive Housing Network of New York’s Gala. Personally, Ms. Baxter is a role model for me as I plan my career in affordable housing development. Go U Bears!

  4. Tawana Cook says:

    Bowdoin represents the best in educational integrity; it’s students learn what really matters in the world. Congratulations, Ellen and Bowdoin College. You make a difference.

  5. Sam Popkin, '77 says:

    Sincere congratulations on an enormously significant milestone. As was always the case, everything you touch turns to gold!

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